…and baby makes 5!

IMG_7237This photo is from the night before I went in to labor with this sweet little man!


So I really failed miserably at updating my blog throughout my pregnancy. I’ve missed this, so I am hoping I am able to kick my own butt in to gear and start consistently blogging again.

Anyway, I have basically been on cloud 9 for the past few weeks.  Every day is different. Some days have been so challenging I question why God let me have all these kids. Other days are like a breeze! The two big kids are doing really well with him overall, but they have definitely upped the whining, tantrums, and acting out. It’s all part of the process right?

I am excited to share my birth story with you, and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. It is such an intimate and wonderful life event, and if it encourages one person, that will make me so proud. Also, we totally did not wait to find out gender. We had our anatomy ultrasound on my husband’s birthday, and he (okay, me too) was so anxious to find out, we decided as a little present to him we would go ahead and do that. I’m glad we did though. I think it helped me bond a bit more with him while he was in utero.

My labor with him was not what I was expecting.  My first two were so similar, I didn’t think this one would be any different, but it was. I woke up a little after 3 AM, and I went in to use the bathroom. Our daughter had woken up and came in our room wanting to snuggle, so I went in and rocked her for a few minutes before laying her down and going back in to the bathroom. It was about 3:30 and I just didn’t feel very good, but I wasn’t really having any contractions. I woke my husband and told him I might be in labor, but I am not sure. With my other two I knew right away because I had a constant cramp and contractions that never stopped. I took a shower to see if that got things going, and it really didn’t do much of anything. Again, so different than with my two big kids. After about 20 minutes, I started having what were for sure contractions. They were coming about every 5 minutes, and lasting about a minute. We decided to call my midwife at 4:15 to let her know I was having contractions, but that it would probably still be awhile.

I remember feeling so bummed out. I had heard from a lot of people that the third labor is sort of the wild card. It could be faster than the second, but often times it was actually longer. I was nervous because I wanted to have the baby before my older children woke up. I didn’t have anyone on stand by to come over if they did wake while I was still in labor. I thought to myself that this was going to be a really long morning. I assumed I was one of the ones who’d have a longer third one.

I really wanted to turn on some worship music and just do my best to not worry about the “what ifs”. Not to think about how long this would take. Not to think about the craziness that would ensue if our kids did in fact wake while I was in labor. I just wanted to calm down as best I could and focus on what my body was going through. Think about the sweet baby we would be meeting when this was all over. That was the end goal anyway! Bring this little one earth side and in to our crazy, chaotic little family. I sat down on the couch and used my computer as my music player. I turned the Lauren Daigle Pandora station and just sat and swayed.

The contractions were definitely getting stronger, but they were still bearable. I was pacing the living room as best I could while we waited for the tub to fill. My sweet husband turned the water heater allll the way up to make sure it would have enough hot water to fill it. As it turns out, it filled a lot quicker than we anticipated and it was SCORCHING!! Way, way too hot to get in to. Just our luck hahah!

I went to sit down on the couch again at 4:30 and thought to myself that maybe I should grab a chux pad just in case I lost some plug. Well, I am surely glad I had that thought, because as I was sitting and swaying to the music, my water broke. Just right there on our BRAND NEW couch. I am super thankful for that voice that told me to grab one ;).

I yelled for my husband to quit fiddling with the pool and help me get up. We called our midwife then and told her my water broke and she said she would be right over. My husband had also put a call in to our photographer and she too was heading over.

After my water broke, the contractions really kicked in, and so did the pain. I knew at that point that I was getting closer. The longest I’d gone between water breaking and bad in my arms was 1 hour.

I remember telling my husband over and over “I can’t do this, I’m not strong enough, I can’t”. He is such a fantastic partner, he just reminded me over and over I was doing it, I was so brave, all the things you want to hear when you are in the middle of full blown labor.

Our midwife arrived and just went to work right away. She set up all her stuff so quietly, held my hands when I bent over saying for the 385 time “I can not do this!” She also had the brilliant idea to add water to the tub. I guess it takes a genius to think of that 😉 haha.

About a minute after our midwife arrived, our sweet and amazing photographer walked in.

I really, really wanted to get in the tub by that point. It felt like it had been hours when really it had been like 30 minutes. After the ice was in and the cold water had been running, the pool had cooled off enough to not be burn my skin off when I got in, but was still hot enough to feel phenomenal! That is really the best word I can use to describe how the water felt as soon as I sat down in it.

I felt as if my body had been waiting for this moment. Super honesty time though, five years ago if you asked me if I’d have a water birth I would have looked at you with disgust and said NEVER that is dirty! But let me tell you, it was ah-mazing! I just immediately felt my body release some tenseness (I don’t think that’s a real word, but you get it), and it was perfect. I got in to the water at 5:13, and he was born at 5:15. I tried so hard to relax and let my body do all the pushing, but I failed and I gave two big pushes. Thankfully I did not tear!

I called out to my midwife and said “Megan he is coming right now!” She so calmly said “okay” and went to stand behind me just outside of the pool. She asked me something, I can’t remember if it was do you wan to touch him, or do you want to catch him.

I was in that haze, that birth high, so my memory of her exact words is fuzzy. Either way through gritted teeth I said “NO!”. The only thing I wanted in that moment was that baby out of me haha! Sounds harsh, but it’s true! She so calmly and sweetly said “well reach down and get him because he is coming towards you.”

I wish I could portray to you the image I had in my head when she told me he was coming towards me. In the split second it took me to reach down and bring him to my chest out of the water, I imagined a baby just casually floating up to the top like a little fish. I was dying of laughter in my own head. The birth high y’all, it is a powerful thing.

Bringing that sweet babe up to my heart was one of the most amazing and moving moments of my life. I felt like I did it. I was so proud, happy, relieved. I personally don’t think there is anything quite like growing a human for all those months, and that very first moment you meet, its indescribable. I am so thankful to experience child birth.

I stayed in the pool for a bit just snuggling my sweet baby, soaking in that euphoric feeling. I eventually passed him off to say hello to his daddy, and got out and moved on the the couch.

Our midwife and her assistant looked me over and made sure everything looked good. My husband passed the little man back to me and went and made breakfast. It’s so amazing just being in the comfort of our own home and getting back to life like usual.

I love birth, and I love talking about it! I hope you enjoyed my super short and squished down version of the morning. I have some pictures I would love to share. I also have some of the placenta if you’d like to see those. I’m leaving them out for now because, well, not everyone wants to see that. It’s SO interesting though, and if you would like to see them, or have any questions about my home birth experience, just reach out to me! Thank you for reading and celebrating our newest sweet little blessing. I am positive I forgot a lot of details, but I am thankful to share these bits and pieces!

IMG_7932 This was the moment I felt completely defeated, like I couldn’t do it anymore. So glad I had my team to remind me I can, because I already was!

IMG_7940The best birth partner I could ever have.



IMG_7947This is such a vulnerable picture for me for so many reasons. I am literally pushing my child out of my vagina in this moment. And I look like I have a couple chins. And some back fat. But also, I love it. Birth is beautiful, and I feel so proud to see myself in this moment.

IMG_7948Our first moment meeting each other on the outside. Look at that cheesy baby!!

IMG_7552The relief. The love.


IMG_7951All the feels.



IMG_7961First moments with Daddy, looking right in to his eyes.

IMG_7966Right after I got out of the pool. I didn’t think I would ever share this. I mean, look at that belly pooch! But this is home birth. And I love everything about it.

IMG_7970He latched a bit in the pool, but mostly he just looked around and snuggled in, so this was his first real latch.

IMG_7977One of my favorite photos ever. Just looking at this, I feel SO loved. SO cherished. SO grateful.

IMG_7986Hi beautiful boy.

IMG_7993Brothers meeting each other for the first time <3.

IMG_7559I love this picture of her! When she woke up for the day and found out she had a new baby brother.

IMG_7557Our midwife Megan doing his newborn exam.

IMG_7306Ob.Sessed. I can’t believe we made all these!

IMG_7304Our little squish face.

IMG_8028First photo as a family of F I V E!

Thanks so much for reading!

Our amazing midwife is located in Arroyo Grande, CA. Her name is Megan Bochum, and she is the midwife behind Pacific Midwifery- pacificmidwiferycare.com. If you are interested in a home birth and in our area, pleaseee call her! You will not regret it!

Our fantastic photographer is Kacie Jones! She has also done a family session for us, and I HIGHLY recommend her!! She is so wonderful! kaciejonesphotography.com


By grace through faith,







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