Why It’s Important

Last week we traveled back home to the 805 (central coast of CA), and we celebrated a beautiful lady and her soon to be baby girl! I saw some of my favorite people that I love with all of my heart!! It was such a fast trip, and we spent most of it in the car. I’m so thankful for how well my kids did!! Well seasoned travelers they are!

My husband and I moved to San Diego county in November of 2014. Two and a half months after our baby girl was born. Moving with a newborn is NO JOKE!!  We met in Grover Beach, and that will always be {home} to both of us. We moved because my husband has a solar business, and the office is located in Escondido.  He and I wanted to be together, so instead of him leaving for weeks at a time, we all made the trek as a family.

Anyway, back to the shower. The group of women I got to see are so wonderful!! They are people that have poured in to me, and helped me so much in my walk with God! I miss them dearly, and I miss my hometown.

I ended up in a hard, but much needed conversation with one of them (shoutout to the gorgeous Sharelle), and she asked me how I was doing. Not me as a mom or a wife, but as Becca. I couldn’t believe how complicated that question felt to me! I told her I was good, but I missed home so much. I miss my family and friends. I told her I don’t really have a life here, and if only we could move back home then my life would be how it should. My life would feel like it had meaning.

She basically told me well I know that would be great to be back, but contentment where you are at is super important.

Contentment. What did that mean to me?

Was I content? Did I feel “contentment” in my life? I feel grateful. Grateful for the little family I have. Grateful to have a roof over our heads and food on our table. But is feeling grateful and feeling content the same thing?

I really started thinking about that word.  The honest answer was no.  I did not feel content with where my life currently was.  I did not feel content living away from home, I did not feel content being so far from those close to me.

Then I started to think about what the Lord would say to me about contentment with my life.  I am positive that He wouldn’t love my “waiting to start my life until we move back home” mantra I tell myself every day.

I am not good at meeting new people. I’m not good at “putting myself out there.”  I’m not good at being the newbie. So I’ve told myself I don’t need to do that.  I don’t need to make friends here, because we won’t be here forever.  I don’t need to go out because we won’t be here much longer.  I’ve gotten so stuck in my own way, that I’ve jeopardized my own ability to grow as a person.

I am so grateful for this idea of “contentment.”  It’s caused me to reflect on myself and discover why I am so afraid to allow myself to feel that now.

Even if I tell myself life is *on pause* while we spend time in Southern California, life is moving, and moving FAST!! Everyday I wake up older, and so does my husband and my kids.  Everyday I keep myself from growing as a human because I’m too afraid to open up.

Until I decide to give in to life exactly where I am, that feeling of contentment will stay lost.

Today is where I start. I am so blessed it’s ridiculous, and I am absolutely content in where I am.

I will always hope to end up back home, but it may not be His will. He knows SO MUCH more than I do.  I am not sure who I think I am, telling myself that I know better than Jesus does.  Becca, you cray!!

I am challenging myself to find that feeling of contentment everyday, in the small things we do, and in the big things.  Whether I stay home all day while my toddler destroys my house around me, or end up out and about enjoying God’s creation.  Whatever the day brings, I will feel content in all its wonderfulness!!

By grace through faith,


Here’s a few photos from our stay-at-home-and-enjoy-the-cooled-off-weather-day today ❤️




One thought on “Why It’s Important

  1. acreageofgrace says:

    This is such a great post Becca and something I really needed to hear! I love questions that make me think and asking yourself if you are content is a really good one. I also loved looking at these pics at the end! Your kids have grown so much even just since August. They are so precious and always so well dressed!


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