Knight In Shining Armor

I posted earlier about losing all my old blog posts. I was pretty heartbroken if I’m being honest.  They were really vulnerable posts, and it’s rare for that side of me to come out.

I called my husband earlier to tell him. I was on the verge of tears, and I have been thinking about it all day. He sympathized with me, and said he would try and help me find them when he got home.

Low and behold, he had sent them to himself because he loved them. The problem now was finding them. I don’t know about any of your husbands, but mine can not find anything, ever. He would most definitely lose his head if it was not attached to his body.

We sat down at his desk together and we prayed. We asked the Lord to show us where they were. And He did. All is not lost. All is found.

Reminds me of myself.

I once was a very, very lost sheep. The ultimate Shepherd found me.

I am so thankful He did. Because of Him I found my soulmate. Because of Him I found life!! I will never get over what Jesus did for me, and what He is still doing everyday.

By grace through faith,



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